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cat 299 forestry mulching machine

Missouri’s Land Clearing & Brush Removal Experts

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Missouri Brush Control is helping Missouri landowners reclaim their property, manage vegetation, and clear land and pastures through forestry mulching.

Enjoy your land the way you've always dreamed of.

Forestry Mulching Is An Efficient Way To Clear Land

If invasive plants, trees, and debris have overtaken your property, you need forestry mulching.

Instead of clearing land through conventional processes, we mulch the vegetation and invasive plants where they stand. 

Mulching the overgrowth is much faster, more efficient and eco-friendly than clearing land by hand or with larger equipment. Forestry mulching eliminates many steps in conventional land clearing, such as site preparation, tilling, cutting, felling, hauling, burning, and site clean-up. 

Forestry Mulching machine clearing ground brush
Cat 309 mulcher next to a Cat 299

The maneuverability of our specialized machines, combined with our operators' expertise, allows us to save trees and shrubs that are valuable to the habitat. Clearing property this way creates beautiful views or provides your property with more beneficial sunlight.  You will reclaim acreage that was once unusable.

Forestry Mulching is an Eco-Friendly Land Clearing Method

Forestry Mulching clears lands without disturbances to the soil, suppresses weed growth, protects big trees, and eliminates damage to the retained trees and their roots, reducing erosion. With a layer of mulch left behind, the topsoil is further protected from erosion, and as the mulch decomposes, the topsoil is replenished with nutrients.

Long-Term Benefits of Forestry Mulching

The long-term benefits of forestry mulching include:

Runoff Decreases

Farm Land that Was Once Unusable

Invasive Species Removal 

Erosion Prevention

It Brings Nutrients to Remaining Plants and Trees

Wildfire Prevention

Wildlife Habitat Restoration

The Mulched Organic Matter Builds New Topsoil

Root Systems Remain Intact

municipality road clearing

Forestry Mulching Adds Significant Value To Your Property

The immediate wow factor delivered through land clean-up is just the beginning.

The aesthetic transformation and the satisfaction of reclaiming your acreage for farming, recreational, or beautification purposes make enjoying a more open and unobstructed view rewarding.

 It is also important to understand the long-term goals of forestry mulching that help the native plants and wildlife thrive.  Our specialized machines also produce a finer mulch than some competitors' machines, which makes your property easier to maintain

From Cleaning Ponds To Clearing Steep Slopes

Missouri Brush Control also cleans up ponds, lakes, and dams, allowing easier access to your water features, and providing a tidy appearance, resulting in less coverage for hiding snakes and pests. 

We use an excavator with a brush cutter extending 24 ft to clear steep slopes.  The excavator clears land quickly and leaves a smaller footprint than other land clearing machines.  

Land Clearing and Forestry Mulching Services

Missouri Brush Control is transforming overgrown pastures into accessible and usable land. We service farmland, residential, and commercial landowners, clearing storm debris, clean up after logging, create roads, trails, and more! 

  • Real Estate Beautification

  • Farm Cleanup 

  • Land Clearing 

  • Underbrush Removal

  • Equestrian Trail Creation and Maintenance

  • Pond & Water Feature Cleaning

  • Commercial Building Site Prep

  • Reclaim Pasture 

  • Clear Hunting Plots 

  • Clean Up After Logging

  • Trail Clearing 

  • Utility Easement Clearing 

  • Tree Thinning and Removal

  • Invasive Species Removal

Machine Performing Land Clearing

Proud Member of:

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Commercial and Residential

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Forestry Mulching Brush Clearing Beautiful After Image



Unlock the potential of your land, no matter its size, with our versatile equipment solutions.

Peterbuilt hauling a FAE PT-175








Missouri Brush Control is transforming unusable lands into accessible and productive lands.

Brush Removal Services Near You!

Located in Eureka, Missouri Brush Control serves the eastern Missouri area.

  • St. Louis, MO

  • Eureka, MO

  • Pevely, MO

  • Labadie, MO

  • New Haven, MO

  • St. Charles, MO

  • Washington, MO

  • Arnold, MO

  • Festus, MO

  • Farmington, MO

  • St. Clair, MO

  • House Springs, MO

If you live in eastern Missouri and don’t see your city, contact us today!

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